I can scrabble in english too

Well, my name is Espen M. Kvalheim and live in Stord, Norway. I work as a Art Director  at the Zpirit ad agency in Stord Island, Norway. Born and raised here, moved to Bergen in 2001 to study and work, but have now returned to my hometown to eat, sleap and work. Happily married to Renate Sjo Kvalheim from the island of Halsnøy!

So, this is the english version of the site?

Yes and no. After my recent redesign I have small nifty summaries, aka. the best parts, in english for you. But Google Translation could do a random mockup of my writings if you still want to get the full details. Just visit this link and your off!

Since the translation tool most likely mess up some of the code this site needs to view correctly, I’ll lead you to the best parts. You can find my free fonts at the typography page, photoshop brushes and Counter-Strike maps are to be found on this page.

So, feel free to roam around and download what might be interesting, drop me a line to one of the addresses below if you have something on your mind!

If you decide to use one of my fonts on a website or in a brochure, please let me know by sending me an email, a copy of the print/design, or simply donate. Contact me for postal address if needed.

So, what about you?

In case you want to say hello, here are some contact information that might come handy (remember to replace «(at)» with «@»):