I can scrabble in english too

Well, my name is Espen M. Kval­heim and live in Stord, Nor­way. I work as a Art Direc­tor  at the Zpir­it ad agency in Stord Island, Nor­way. Born and raised here, moved to Bergen in 2001 to study and work, but have now returned to my home­town to eat, sleap and work. Hap­pi­ly mar­ried to Renate Sjo Kval­heim from the island of Hal­snøy!

So, this is the english version of the site?

Yes and no. After my recent redesign I have small nifty sum­maries, aka. the best parts, in eng­lish for you. But Google Trans­la­tion could do a ran­dom mock­up of my writ­ings if you still want to get the full details. Just vis­it this link and your off!

Since the trans­la­tion tool most like­ly mess up some of the code this site needs to view cor­rect­ly, I’ll lead you to the best parts. You can find my free fonts at the typog­ra­phy page, pho­to­shop brush­es and Counter-Strike maps are to be found on this page.

So, feel free to roam around and down­load what might be inter­est­ing, drop me a line to one of the address­es below if you have some­thing on your mind!

If you decide to use one of my fonts on a web­site or in a brochure, please let me know by send­ing me an email, a copy of the print/design, or sim­ply donate. Con­tact me for postal address if needed.

So, what about you?

In case you want to say hel­lo, here are some con­tact infor­ma­tion that might come handy (remem­ber to replace ‘(at)’ with ‘@’):

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